Best ways to Grade-up!

Hi guys!

So recently, I just reached Grade 3. It was hard… I had to do some long-hours of grinding. Let me show you the best ways to Grade-up! Remember to do this on a Casual Server!

So the first way if for landings and XP. Grab any small plane! I would recommend a Citation X or an A318. These planes can reach high-speeds in a matter of time and rarely stall while doing sharp turns. Next thing is to get in an airport with parallel runways like Heathrow. You can do any airport of course! After that, taxi to the runway and take off. As soon as your airborne, then make a sharp turn onto the other runway that’s parallel to the one you just took of from. I recommend using some flaps as well. You can get 10 landings and 1000+ XP in under 15 minutes if you do it properly!

Congrats on reaching grade3! I am grinding for grade 5 and i have seen a bit better thing to do it you get bored doing that. Do tight patterns with the TBM like really tight. Then you can have atc and gain landings and xp fast. I have got 130 landings in 4 days!

There is another way to get 10 landings in 5 minutes. At EBBR with the Xcub, mess around with it to find the rythm and you can get tons of xp and landings FAST

Remember to use unicom and respect other pilots when doing this! You also need 30 seconds between the gear touching down for it to count :)

Does XP matter with what plane I’m using, what server, and how many landings I’m getting etc…?

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You get XP by your flight time

Nothing can beat having a bit of fun in the TBM/C208 at the end of a windy runway, if you can nail those landings you’ll be able to nail any landings. Gets you a fair bit of Xp as well.

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I suggest this website to find some fun airports.
Gives you landings and a whole lot of XP

Also, @AdamCallow that shield suits you well.

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cannot specifically recall why it works so well, but my absolute favorite way to grade up is this:


Also working very well with the XCub!

Choose Landings on the lower display so u know when a landing was registered. With the XCub, its even enough if u just do a controlled Stall, bump on the runway, and lift off instantly again, do a super tight turn - repeat.

got grade 5 in 1h… unfortunately this shows only more clear how meaningless a grade is


WOW, I shall try this tonight :) Suddenly wondering if the grade 5 are really experts hmmm

No, but by using the written ones you can grind more efficiently.

sadly wouldnt call grade 5 a gurantee for expertise. It sure is better than being grade 3, but really anyone can get grade 5 within hours. Would love to see a new/imrpoved ranking system and I believe to have read somewhere they were working on it aiming on early 2020 - wonder what happened to that project🤔

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Same, I only used this method for 2-3 landings. One thing I keep in mind that it’s not about rankings, it’s about actually enjoying yourself on the simulator.

xcub and touch and goes is basically hacking the game

absolutely! Theres no pressure to be high rank at all, I personally mostly watch on the flight time of others, thats more interesting to me👀

May I know how the IF count as one landing? Just went to a windy place and stayed for 1 min the air before touching down, IF didn’t count as one landing. Thanks

from personal experience I can say that u need at least a couple seconds in air - and u have to fly away from the runway (cannot stay above and simple touch down again)

Even tho I used to believe u have to touch the runway for a good moment to have it count as a landing, that is not the case. It actually registers the moment ur wheels touch down with a appropriate VS

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I instantly thought about Wellington airport 😂

Yeah thats what i did i was grinding and now i am grade 5 !

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