Best Ways To Gain XP

Just flew an 11 minute touch and goes pattern in South Florida and got ~1000xp…are there any other ways of rapidly gaining some?


Not that I know about
Touch and goes are just the best way

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Before I’ve had problems when ending the flight and so lost my xp but not my time flown strangely so just asking if there is another way maybe… :)

how many landings did you get in 11 mins and what aircraft where you using?

I got 5/6 touch and goes plus 1 final landing (not a touch and go in a Cessna 208 (mainly because it’s quite versatile and easy to handle)


I almost always do touch and go’s in a C208 also because you can have a tiny pattern with them


Exactly…just did a 21 min one just now and got 1,946xp so that aircraft works nicely


Good job!!

Haha tanks ;)

*thanks (lol)

The reason I am “bumping” this post is because of the new expert server requirement. I know there is a lot of users who have below 50k and actually fly diligently and know the complex commands but may not know how to get more XP efficiently. Touch and goes and just flying a lot is a great and fast way to gain XP. Especially during a lot of cross wind. the F14 is the best and on the casual server is also good (no violations for anything).


Do patterns in a Spitfire with crosswinds. That is the best way to build XP I’ve seen. As a bonus, you’ll learn to fly the best plane in IF!


Its very tricky to land smoothly in a spitfire for me. and BTW nice profile pic :D

Finally, someone else who does patterns in a Spit. I’ve never seen anyone besides me doing that.

I’ve found landings work best when you are barely above the runway at 85-90 knots and gently kiss the tarmac.

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Lol I won’t be on expert for a while haha.

@random_reptile and wake up and find it on the water on the other…lol…smh