Best way to save money to get PPL?

I know I usually post about how I want to become a Private Pilot, but I want to know:

What’s the best way to save money for Lessons?

I have gone out and flown twice at two different airports. The issue is, I don’t have too much money. I usually only go when I get paid with a bonus.

I would like to get moving to get a PPL, which i heard the minimum to qualify and get a license is 40 hours (which I doubt it).

What do you do that can help me save money for lessons?


How too?
Dont buy anything other than flying lessons. Simple

Consequences you may face.
Yet you may stave to death
become homeless
Have no lover
Have no car


That is the FAA required minimum hardly anyone passes the checkride at that number however.

Start saving don’t start training until you have 80% of the funds available or else you will be wasting your money if you can’t fly regularly.

A private pilots certificate will cost you 8,000-12,000 depending on your skill and location.


Work hard, save money, careful what you do.


I was told I fly like I flew before. Maybe flying simulators helps? Idk, the two instructors I flew with told me I flew amazingly

The easiest part about getting a certificate is flying the plane :)


Not spending money normally helps…

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That’s hard, cuz I have to pay car+insurance and a loan plus credit cards

Yep. First lesson I learned about “what keeps a plane in the air?” Turns out that lift and thrust are secondary to $$$

That said, I don’t really have any good advice for how to pay. Everyone’s situation is different. Maybe it has just been ages since I paid for rentals but a C172 used to be a little less than $100/hr wet rental. Last I checked a few years ago was pushing $150 or more. Factor in an instructor in your case and it can stack up quickly.
I think youre on the right track though… Save and pay for it all in one go. I dunno how many hrs you have logged thus far, but Id save up another $4k or so and just knock it out at once. Maybe get a side gig or mow lawns. Every 2 or 3 lawns would be a hobbs hour. After a solid summer, you might be close to your goal.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Good Luck!


You may also have to play the waiting game. If you aren’t able to financially support a PPL now you have the option to wait and save and maybe even try to find a higher income job.

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Go to your local airport work as a dispatcher or fueler. You will get discounted rate on plane rental and instructor. On the plus side you will be around planes all day to keep you focused and driven.

Although 40 hrs is the faa min national avg is around 80-120hrs. All honestly depends on how much work you put into it. You can get it in the high 40s to mid 50s if you work hard and weather works on your favor.


I’ve tried applying for different airlines. None have said anything or haven’t gotten back to me. The only airline I was close to getting was Piedmont and Southwest, but never heard after the interview and/or was told I wasn’t fit for the position

Man isn’t that the friggin truth…

Since I’m still rolling trying to get my PPL knocked out my advice is this…

Seek out others in the area that have recently trained at the schools you’re looking at attending and get their opinions on them.

Make sure you understand how much time each lesson will take, for example, a one hour flight, will be roughly 2 hours at the school or so, pre-flight, lesson plan, q&a with instructor and debrief, factor in drive time to and from.

Once you pick your school and while having a conversation with the flight school manager, explain to them how you learn, how you like being taught and what you need to learn and get paired with an instructor that meets that. If you have certain religious, political or other views, ask about that with the instructor too.

While cheap hourly rentals are nice, learning in a modern plane, 2000’s and newer is much nicer.

Always, always, complete the assignments on time prior to your next lesson.

I started at a school chasing cheap, and got paired up with an instructor that was a good teacher, but was a complete disaster outside that and someone you would never see me associate outside of a lesson. The distance was a lot further than I wanted from my house/work, but again, I was chasing cheap rates.

At 18 hours I had enough of the cheap rates, ancient planes and wack instructor, though he was a good teacher.

I’ve since moved to a new flight school that is $10 more an hour for the instructor, the planes are all 2005 and newer with the option for round dial and g1000, which is a $10 difference, I fly both, but try and stay in the g1000 because it’s just so much easier.

I lost about 10 hours in going over stuff with my new instructor and school but that’s alright, I love this school and hate that I’ll have to go somewhere else for the rest of my training once I’m done with PPL. (Another story due to how I’m paying)

It’s also 45 minutes closer to my house and just down the road from my work. So I’m saving tons of time driving and gas money.

If you can study on your own, find a good online ground school, costs differ, I use the Cessna one as my school is affiliated, it’s decent but there is probably better out there. This will save you money not needing to sit down and study with your instructor outside of the few things you might not understand, example, that ancient stupid E6B wrecks my life and I hate that thing.

Can’t think of anything else. I have like 34-36 hours, spent $9,600 so far.

Any questions PM me.


I feel like this is a stupid question , but what is PPL?

Private Pilots License

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It would be years of training and hard work, but join the AF lol

Keep applying. Never give up.

Don’t get the large frys.

For learning to fly, best advice for money I see to do ur training as close to each other is possible (dont Do lessons 6 months apart).

A job