Best way to go to Europe in the Cessna 172 Skyhawk?

Hello! I’ve seen a show (on YouTube, and only some episodes), called Dangerous Flights.
One Episode shows pilots ferrying a Cessna 172 to Poland from the United States. I’d like to replicate this (and it’ll take forever lol) in Infinite Flight, and I am wondering if it is possible to go to Europe in a C172 Skyhawk in Infinite Flight Global.

If it is, what is the best airports to land in, or what is the best route possible that can save on fuel? Thank you!


Wales, Alaska (PAIW) to Provideniya Bay, Russia (UHMD). A whopping 151 nautical miles! This of course is if you consider Russia to be a European nation :)

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Search this community carefully. I do recall a post from a pilot, a few months ago, who planned to do the same. He had a detailed plan, all worked out.

Hopefully he sees your post. If not, happy digging - this forum has some clever search tools.

Here’s a helpful picture and link to a company who does small aircraft ferry flights. This is the recommended route that they follow for these small piston aircraft. They’re got multiple routes in the link below.



Thank you for the route Info :)

I see BGR, My starting place would be KMHT, so what I see is that I can use BRG as my first fuel stop and then continue from there

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