Best way to get xp

What is the best way to get xp?

Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Strap on a 172, find a remote airport, fly touch & goโ€™s till your perfect. Then fire up that trust 172 fly any region end to end. Drop in to a few regional airports or a grass field along the way. Your numbers will sore! Then and only them fly a " Trash Hauler point to point.


Pick a place with windsโ€ฆ Higher winds = more XP :smile:


Yup :)


Destroyed my previous high of 165 XP for a landing :)

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How do you change your call sign as well?

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Iโ€™m about 4000 XP off grade 3 and i want to try to get it tonight. Any tips on getting more XP?

Me too! Best way to gain XPโ€™s are touch and goes. Maybe we could do some touch and goes together?

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Yeah sure, what region?

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Yes, touch and goes are easy, but boring as hell. I suggest doing around 3 80-90 nm flights a day.


T&Gโ€™s are always good.
Practice landing and gain XP at the same time.
Just have fun!

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It is more fun

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Amsterdam. Is EHAM a good airport. It has rumways in all direction. But iโ€™m just going crazy with t/gโ€™s. Best thing to do is just follow me.

TS1? My callsign is N483GB, and iโ€™m in a Cessna x.

Oh, not using A/P makes it more challenging and more fun.
And of course donโ€™t use autoland. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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A smaller aircraft is better. Cause Iโ€™m gonna make sharp turns.

A 208 maybe?

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TS2 is better. My callsign is N71QC

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My aircraft of choice is a 737.

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