Best way to get xp

What is the best way to get xp?

Thanks 😊

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Strap on a 172, find a remote airport, fly touch & go’s till your perfect. Then fire up that trust 172 fly any region end to end. Drop in to a few regional airports or a grass field along the way. Your numbers will sore! Then and only them fly a " Trash Hauler point to point.


Pick a place with winds… Higher winds = more XP :smile:


Yup :)

Destroyed my previous high of 165 XP for a landing :)

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How do you change your call sign as well?

I’m about 4000 XP off grade 3 and i want to try to get it tonight. Any tips on getting more XP?

Me too! Best way to gain XP’s are touch and goes. Maybe we could do some touch and goes together?

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Yeah sure, what region?

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Yes, touch and goes are easy, but boring as hell. I suggest doing around 3 80-90 nm flights a day.


T&G’s are always good.
Practice landing and gain XP at the same time.
Just have fun!

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It is more fun

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Amsterdam. Is EHAM a good airport. It has rumways in all direction. But i’m just going crazy with t/g’s. Best thing to do is just follow me.

TS1? My callsign is N483GB, and i’m in a Cessna x.

Oh, not using A/P makes it more challenging and more fun.
And of course don’t use autoland. 😉

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A smaller aircraft is better. Cause I’m gonna make sharp turns.

A 208 maybe?

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TS2 is better. My callsign is N71QC

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My aircraft of choice is a 737.

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