Best way to get around in the Maldives

Hey guys. I was just researching how to get to the Maldives, but I have a problem. My plan is to do KIAD - OMDB - VRMM. However, once I land in VRMM, I need a way to access the hotel. You may be like, “oh just drive”, but the problem is the hotel is a whole different island. My question is, can you access the hotel by seaplane? If not, is it only by boat? If this helps, the link to the hotel is below. Thanks!

Hey there!

Been to the Maldives twice. I was there in February in fact!

I used Maldivian airways Q200, you can use that if the airline provides flights to there. You can use the Maldivian Air taxi (water planes) however they’re quite expensive. If you want to go the cheaper and less-avgeek way, you can take a boat ride. it might even be that the hotel provides complimentary service!


Thanks for the info!

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You can drive to your hotel lmao

There’s a brand new China-Maldives Friendship bridge that was constructed fairly recently between Hulhule and Malé so you’ll have no problem ;)

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No worries!

Just checked and unfortunately your hotel does not have an airstrip like mine did. I think that your best bet is to use the Maldivian Air taxi or private boat charter. There is a terminal outside the main airport. As soon as you exit the terminal head to your right and it’ll be there.

Have fun! The Maldives are beautiful.

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Check this out it may not be the room you are staying but it explains how to get to your hotel. I be been researching the Maldives as well


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