Best way to Explore Baltimore International airport?

So if you remember my post about me flying to Cleveland, I will arrive at BWI around 7:05am, and won’t depart BWI until 10:55am (I think Boarding starts 30 minutes prior to Departure, correct me if i’m wrong), so this will give me roughly 2 hours to go about and explore before I make my way to the gate. I am flying Solo, and me being me, I want to go and take pictures of various planes at their gates at BWI.

Map of the BWI Terminal

Since I am flying Southwest Airlines, our plane will arrive at Terminal A/B.

Notice the Yellow Area, thats where only people who are not flying are permitted. I want to Explore the airport, and I would like to go to Concourses D and E, but they are seperated from Concourses A-C.

Is it possible to Enter Concourse D/E, even though the Flight to CLE will be from Either Concourse A or B, as I am changing flights.
The Reason I’d like to Explore Concourse E and D is mainly due to the Foreign carriers like British Airways and Wow Air. BA flies a 787-8 (or 787-9) into BWI, and I’d like to get it on video, or at least in photos.

I am curious to know who has passed through BWI, and I am interested to hear your stories if you have explored the whole airport while connecting.

I Depart this Thursday (January 18, 2018) at 5:30 am from Manchester, NH.


You should look up the departure/arrival board on for KBWI and see if there’s any cool planes scheduled to be at the gate when you’re there!

Check out the Observation Gallery. You do NOT have to exit and renter security either.


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@anon66442947 I won’t be able to Enter it, because It opens at 11am and I leave at 10:55am

well doesnt that just stink have to come visit us another day then


When I fly back I will actually be able to enter it since I leave CLE at 12pm, and arrive at BWI at 1:10pm

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Are you referring to me? I’m 19, isn’t the drinking age 21 right? I have another 3 more years to go. Anyhow, any place in BWI that sells Gemini Jets model airplanes? or just any place that sells decent model airplanes

only if your’e over 21 :) Not sure if anywhere sells models tho

So wait, you actually work in BWI? I’d be surprised if you do.

It’s my first time flying into BWI, so, it’ll be a good experience, especially since BWI is a busy airport than Manchester. Exploring and taking pictures is what I love to do.

The more I Explore, the more familiar I get with the airport.

Doesn’t count if you drink it all

No he doesn’t work there, if he did he would be fired for not doing anything


i do not work there, just live very close. But i do work 70- 80 hours a week. im VERY Tired, just ask @dush19 he can verify

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@dush19 I can’t disagree with you there, Dush.

@anon66442947 we can buy him coffee instead.


@Daniel_Cerritos if you really wanna be an old man like @anon66442947 you can take a nap in the rocking chairs when you enter terminal B.


Yeah, I think I may pass, because I will be filming for a YouTube video for my channel.

Anyhow, I see you guys talking about meetings. Where would we meet, because I have to stay in the Terminal Area for my next flight to Cleveland at 10:55am. I arrive into BWI at 7:05am

I can take this to PM if you want so we don’t go off topic

I’ll be away for a work trip Weds-Fri. Wish I could be there. If you depart runway 28 for CLE, or arrive 33L from MHT, you’ll see a casino and a mall and the tallest building in the county (casino hotel) being constructed on your left. I’m around there somewhere…

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at the Starbucks specifically


May I suggest you visit the BWI Starbucks in the B terminal?..typically my first stop after getting through security…

Silver Diner is also good.


BA arrives around 5:30- 6:00pm so you won’t be able to see that one while your there. However you may be able to see some nice looking spirit jets from the observation deck. Or just take an hour to go the casino with @anon66442947 🍺