Best Way to Earn a First Class/ Business Class Seat

Hello community,
I am thinking of investing in a trip later this year. I’ve flown in economy every time I have flown I believe, and don’t get me wrong. Economy class is amazing! But I have the itch to sit in the front of the plane.

Unfortunately, I am not Bill Gates or anything so I don’t have a whole lot of cash on me, but that isn’t backing me down from looking into a first class/business ticket. I’ve scrolled the internet for countless hours looking for tips and tricks on getting a cheap first class/ business class ticket, and these are the only ways I’ve seen:

  • Obtaining an airline/valuable card

  • Using miles

I’m apart of many airline loyalty programs, but that doesn’t mean I have thousands of miles to spend. I leave you with this:

  • Is there any way besides the ones listed above to get a cheap first class/business class ticket? If so, how?

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Easiest way just get the money, not really many other ways around it otherwise everyone would be in first class.

All I can say is this will not help you get a free upgrade or gain miles.

It’s called loyalty program for a reason… Just stick to 1 airline

@Matthew_Chan How is that? Even if I stick to one airline?

Some great hints!

  1. don’t use third parties like Orbitz, the ticket actually increases the original cost of ticket.
  2. whenever you buy an airplane ticket use incognito. This also decreases tickets
  3. buy on week days. Tuesday - Thursday is cheap while Friday - Sundays are expensive
  4. fly on holidays, IE Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving. Those days people don’t fly and tickets also low

This is how I typically fly first class, enjoy!


How does incognito decrease ticket prices?

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This website is good


It typically doesn’t allow computer cookies to run in this window. Sometimes Airlines uses them and increase tickets. I was septic at first but I tried it when I flew to Europe and my price dropped a lot.

@Jacob_Sim I said in the original post I can’t use miles as I don’t have many.

@anon93248082 But won’t they question your identity at TSA?

Let’s break it down with an example

For example you flown
3 flights on southwest totalling 4000 miles
2 flights on American around 3000 miles
4 other flights you get on around 5000 miles?

If you’re only sticking with American for example, you might already be a silver or a gold member because you have 12000+ miles. It’s already a good start getting priority boarding, free checked bag or even upgrades sometimes.

I fly Cathay a lot(LAX-HKG in full price J) so I have Marco polo gold and also gaining miles with their mileage problem(Asia miles). I’m sometimes getting an upgrade to F, if not I use my asia miles to bump myself to F if I really need it. I’m not sure what the American airline’s program is but it should be similar

In your case, all you can gain miles with is a credit card


No, I’ve never had TSA question me when I use incognito on Google Crome.

In here, it happens otherwise. The prices will be very high during school holidays or public holidays (Incl. Bank holidays) even on Business Class (But I guess the demand for F is still low even on holidays).

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@Matthew_Chan So what your saying is I should transfer those points from other airlines into one airline? I’m not familiar on how to do that…surprising.

Hm okay, from my experience I typically fly holidays it’s cheaper

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Iirc you can’t unless they are in the same alliance or whatnot. But sticking to flying with 1 airline will improve your case here

Also another thing
get a credit card and get air miles, I have the Alaska Airlines Signature card, Currently I have 50K miles, or 60. I got my credit card last year and started at 20 thousand this is a GREAT way to build miles!

I realize sticking to 1 airline is better, however when I’m just flying in economy I just look for the cheapest ticket, and whatever airline that is, I pick. So it’s not like I can stick to 1 airline all the time.

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Look at The Points Guy and One Mile At A Time. They post really great deals. Also, get a frequent flyer account for every airline you fly on. You’ll eventually have a bunch of miles on a few different airlines in the same alliance. Then transfer those points to one airline account and enjoy!


YES, this is the best advice for a credit card. AS let’s you transfer your miles to giants like CX or EK

Some youtubers abuse Alaaka’s loyalty program
Example: Dantorp Aviation

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Guys your not reading the original post. Things I cannot do:

Have any card

Use miles

I’m trying to find ways to fly in first/business for cheap without doing so via the ways listed above.