Best Way To Do Time Lapse

I feel so stupid for asking this question, because playing infinite flight for four years clearly isn’t enough to teach me how to do time lapse. Anyway, I just started a YouTube channel, and I want to put some infinite flight videos on it, obviously, I don’t want them to be 12 hours long. What is the best way to do time lapse, without screen recording your device for 12 hours straight on replay… Is it better to just screen record as I’m flying? Because then all the controls will be in the way. Is it best to just go to IF settings and activate “hide controls?”, thanks!

@InfiniteFlightDeck’s Wonderful tutorial has you covered! See below for the link :)


Thanks… I just hope there was a better way to make time lapses, because I don’t want to sit for 12 hours to let it record, I may just record it while in for your flight is flying, and do it that way

Yeah, unfortunately that is the only way to do it at the moment. There was a feature requests for this, however it seems it was closed. Maybe something will pop out, but who knows. In the mean time, the current method is the only way. Sorry for the troubles.

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