Best way to advertise an event?

As per the title, me and my friend made an event and only a few people have joined so far.

The key is to make it unique. With everyone staying home events can get a little saturated. It really comes down to the time and what it is offering pilots.

  • Unique routes
  • challenging approaches
  • Set flight plans
  • etc.

Can’t stress it enough.

I follow a little formula to go with it:

  1. Were there past events, if so, when did they occur?
  2. If it’s an area that is considered “overrated”, what can I do to make it unique?
  3. Research, research, research. People like realistic events. Figure out if it has a good availability of realistic airlines in IF to actually go ahead with it, does it have a good route network, will you need extra waves for the amount of gates? Et cetera.

I’ve seen that, in my previous events, the attendant count goes up as people familiarise with your events. My first event had around 12 attendants, next one had 13-15, my third and most recent one had 32. Other parts play aswell, but that’s what been happening with my events.


Also I think it’s worth mentioning to put time into it! People will notice that you’ve taken your time make a quality event. Formatting your event is also a hook for users. If you make your post pretty people will keep reading and may want to join as they are attracted to your posts look. Others have also mentioned some great aspects of this as well that can also be a hook for pilots.

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My advice is to try and gather IFC members who live in or are associated with the event location. This can help get a good group going!

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Do you have any advice for this event?

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  • Partnerships with VA/VOs
  • Unique locations
  • Post in advance
  • Be different.
  • Try doing a series of events

Don’t want for it to seem like an advertisement, but that’s what I’ve tried, and it starts to get some attention. (here is a past event for example)
I’ve used some unpopular tricks in my post and it paid off.

  • Translate departure routes into IF-ready flightplans
  • Visualise routes with google maps
  • Unusual banners.
  • Separate flights by destinations/type, not by gates
  • Experiment with text formatting
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I agree with what everyone has said so far, and as someone who creates events, my biggest piece of advice is this: make an event that you want to create. If you make an event just for the point of it, it probably won’t be that good. Yes, I’ve done this before, and the events that no one shows up to are the ones that I put the least care into. The more you want to do it, the better it will look, and the more invested you will be in making it look professional.

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If you know anyone from that general area, talk to them! They might be happy to have a part in an event where they are local, it will bring up realism, etc.

Right off the bat, you’re gonna want a unique location, since there was an FNF in Atlanta recently, not many people would be interested since they’re already touched upon it. :)


Well, we really can’t change the airport now 🙃

That’s for future reference :)

What matters is that people have fun. So always try making it as such.

The best way to advertise an event is to create an event on facebook (a private one), and then sharing the link to it on your group chat with your fellow IF group captains, considering NOTAMs, routes, spacing, and the like.

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Deviate from the norm, take your time and get creative!

A top tier event in my opinion should stand out from the rest. Use formatting to the best of your ability. You can find every HTML trick in this little book here:

Write your events like a school paper. Make an opening statement briefly summarizing your event’s purpose, then go into specifics. Divide the event’s huge amount of information into sections like event info (time, date, location, etc), flight info (aircraft, flight data, etc. Simbrief will help a lot in this case), gates available and NOTAMS. This is where banners like this come in:

The blue is where you put your heading text. I use an app called Phonto.

End your event off on a high note, by once again thanking and welcoming those with open arms into your flight.

On deviating from the norm, most events I see are short haul airline flights. Go bigger and better with long hauls, or fly-ins or fly-outs from busy airports. Use other airframes, like the XCub for bush flying or military aircraft for formations or refueling flights, or jumble everything in my favorite kind of event, an Airshow. Note that some of these big events do require some research. You can use FlightAware on certain airports to see what airlines go to/from them. But if you’re feeling like you’re struggling, big events work better when built by a team. Just make an idea and listen to what your friends have to say to improve it. Making events involve some responsibility and leadership.

Hope this isn’t too much advice 😅
Feel free to DM if you plan on making something


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