Best Virtual Airlines

Hey IFC… I just wanted your opinion on this. I am already apart of BAVA and soon will be a part of AAVA. I want to know about other VAs and what they’re like. If you are a part of any, reply to this topic and let me know what they’re like!


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I don’t believe we are allowed to advertise our VAs or say much about recommending them, unfortunately.


I dont see whats wrong with sharing our thoughts on a VA though?

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Hi no advertising is allowed in public however it isn’t allowed in PM’s!

For me VOs are my preference, but there are some very good VAs out there.

If your looking for a VA, I reccomend attending some of their public events, it’ll give you a good idea of what their about, if not check out

Personally I’d say Virgin Virtual or Qantas Virtual are pretty good though

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hmm that’s strange… Well if we aren’t allowed to advertise them. Which ones do you think are the biggest?

The Biggest would be the likes of AFKLM, BAVA, AAVA, DLVA

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Ok if anyone has recommendations, please PM me!


Ok thanks for all your PMs! Mods can close this now