Best virtual airlines for IF?

I’m looking at joining a VA, any recommendations?

Hello there!

I would have a look in the #va-thread to find the threads so you can apply for the VA that you want! :)


Just waiting for every VA’s CEO to say their VA.


For what VA are you looking? Should it be a small one, the most active va, the va you can learn most, a va with the biggest fleet in IF,…

You may check out IFVARB website

Yeah the most active one with a decent fleet as well

The most active one (PIREPs filled) is currently Air France - KLM Virtual Group

You can check activity for other VAs here: IFVARB (set the duration to April 2022 since the latest activity check is still going atm)

A full list of all VAs and VOs can be found here

Thank you bro

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Greetings @Erlend_Foros!

For Virtual Airlines, I suggest you take a look at IFVARB’s website. You can find all the current Virtual Airlines on that website. Have a great day!

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keep in note, this is my opinion

I think for a starter @DHLExpressVirtual is fantastic. It got me introduced to the VA world and the staff are amazing. It’s extremely active and I highly recommend it. But this is my opinion. As the others said you could also check the IFVARB website to see which one suits you


There is no ‘Best’ virtual airline/organization. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. You have to ask yourself questions like: What aircraft(s) do I enjoy flying? What countries do I enjoy flying in? Once you answer those questions that should narrow down your choices to a few virtual airlines/organizations that suit you.

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Personally I would say United Virtual or American Virtual, however those are my prefereces and you may have different ones.

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Not sure if that’s allowed because it could go against IFVARB rules.

Casually doesn’t get the joke.

Although I think I’ve seen some cases of that, and I’m pretty sure the end result was a disaster.


Without a doubt, Britain Airlines is the best VA.


I’m thinking either air France/KLM or BAVA. Don’t know if you could join multiple or not

You can join as many virtual airlines/organizations as you want! There is no limit. However, a lot of VA’s and VO’s have activity checks, so just be active in them. :)

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