Best Virtual Airline

Can someone please recommend a good VA


Qantas virtual airlines

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British Airways Virtual Airline

Do a quick seach and you will get our recruitment page


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TravelSky. Your number one virtual airline.
Decent team.
Get in touch with @BavariaAVIATION


I like British airways and qantas


Hi there @Joshua_Linsenberg, as a staff member of the Qantas Virtual Infinite Flight Airline, I’d like to personally invite you to the Virtual Airline.

Qantas Virtual is one of the leading virtual airlines for Infinite flight, with some very powerful virtual airline partners.

If you wish to apply for a pilot membership of this airline, visit the website by (Clicking Here)

On this airline we provide three sub-airlines inside the network.

  • Jetstar Virtual
  • Qantas Virtual
  • QantasLink Virtual

Depending on what you apply for is what aircraft you will fly! To become a member you must complete two simple exams, which are theoretical and Practical.

Updates come regularly on the airline and soon we will be expecting a huge update with the Q400 QantasLink.


IFES is a great one ;)

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I personally would join ifes because I was apart of it and them they kicked me because I was not active !? But there great go join them there fun active and there like a small family.

Dear Joshua,
as a leadership member, I of course represent and recommend TravelSky, your number one virtual airline!

We are a small, yet professional group of pilots and InfiniteFlight addicts from all over the globe and the airline’s roots can be traced back to the very beginning of InfiniteFlight Live.

Why Travelsky?

We are different, we take virtual airlines to the next level as we push them a bit further to realism.
Just like real airlines, we have certain routes and regions we operate. To date, we have more than 150 routes in 6 different regions of InfiniteFlight and many more are yet to come!
We are a great team. Immediately after joining you can join several conversations and get in contact with our staff and our heroes of the skies, our loyal pilots.
We are always trying to bring new features for the airline in order to provide a great time and experience in TravelSky.
Flight booking, a flight logbook, pilot ranks within the airline, a broad route list and a lot more! Our staff is spending a lot of time to share new cool stuff with our pilots. An insane update for the airline which includes one new region with 10 brand-new destinations, three new aircraft and other features is just about to come!

What we offer:

  • Over 150 routes in several different regions such as Amsterdam, Caribbean, Southern California, Seattle…
  • Two subsidaries (TravelSky Europe, QuickJet)
  • A broad fleet of all sizes and manifactures
  • A flight logbook with pilot ranks
  • Monthly events with the entire airline and group flights
  • An active and friendly community
  • Communication via SocialMedia such as Slack
  • Quick support in 4 different languages for every kind of question / problem
  • Lots of fun!

What we expect / demand from you:

  • minimum of 14 years of age
  • knowlegde in live behaviour and handling with ATC instructions (you might have to pass a short theoretical test)
  • enthusiasm and a good mood!

Our team:

  • @grxninesix CEO, Chief pilot, leadership member, contact person French
  • @BavariaAVIATION Vice-CEO, Flight Operation chief, community manager, webdesigner, Pilot recruiter, 2nd chief pilot, leadership member; contact person German, English
  • @The_simulation_nerd Leadership member, contact person English

More info:


American Airlines is also a good one @AmericanAirlines


We are not different… We are not better, we are unique


That’s a good quote man…