Best Virtual Airline

Southwest airlines vitural is a very good airline Capt Jackson is a good guy here is a link just in case for the people who like southwest airlines Image result for infinite flight photos Southwest if you have any other airline to summit please reply here is the link

Here is a list of all the current approved Virtual Airlines:

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By the way everybody Please summit you airlines right here

You can look for all the VA’s above in @HiFlyer’s post.

Thanks for the info

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@SpiritVirtual is a great Virtual, I suggest joining!


All VA’s are good in their own unique way.


@2003iggy is right. There are lots of VA’s that you can join. You just have to pick one that suites you the best.


Yeah but you have to usally pick one that at least has booking on it because i seen other vitural websites and it does not have booking like Southwest vitural

I do know a lot of VA’s require you to be Grade 3

What do you mean by “booking”?

he means like Virtual Passenger.

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Why is this here? There is no need for this. If you have interest in a VA, please direct yourself to the IFVARB board that @DeerCrusher has posted. You can access it through the link that @HiFlyer previously posted. If you have a question about the VA, pm the CEO of that VA.


any vitural airlines that do a vityral passenger

In my opinion, there really is no “Best Virtual Airline”. They are all great, with their own ways of flights, planning events, managing routes, etc.


only Southwest VA do Virtual Passenger by now. there is no other VA that has it or implement it.

Let’s try to keep our “favorability” type of statements on the dedicated VA thread that you’re referencing. If we had each pilot make a topic similar in nature as this, the forum would be inundated with topics about VAs. Help us keep this category tidy. Thanks!