Best Virtual Airline Competition @ KORD - 072200ZMAY16

Server: *Advanced *

Region: Chicago Bay Area

Airport: KORD

Time: 2100Z

NOTAM: I will be in a A319 of Volaris Airlines My Callsign will be*Volaris 940**Controllers Also Acepted

Is this basically airline or VA?

I think it’s just airlines.

Basically pointless competition? Lol I feel like there’s no substance to it if it isn’t a VA competition or let’s make it sound nicer, a showcase…

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It is VA. Competition

Ah yes, thanks for editing, now people will come…

Is this a repeat?


I did realize these two events clash but I guess it’s just coincidence…

No because i made mines before you, and i would like u s carriers only or they need to have at least 1 destination In the US

But the time… Both at 6? What? 😂😂😂

I’ll change it

VA: Diamond Airways
Airport: KRFD

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KRHD isn’t even an airport ICAO in the Chicago area…

I’ll be there

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