Best VA?

Hello avgeeks! I’m interested to join a Virtual Airline as a pilot. Which VA do you guys recommend? I would prefer a middle eastern one if there is, A US based VA second choice or an European one. Don’t want in Australia cuz it’s too far away. Which VA is the best and very active? And Thank You!

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Here in this thread you can see which VAs are currently active that you can join.


Each VA has something different to offer! Browse through the database to find one you might be interested in.


I wouldn’t say there is any best VA just VA’s or VO’s that fit people interest more.


I wish you the best in your search. I’m sure you will find a VA from the list @PilotDog linked that you’ll be happy to be a part of.


Please reference the database as each pilot looks for different elements when choosing a VA/VO.