Best VA airline or group in IF

Hello everyone, I want to know from all of you what you think is the best VA airlines IF or the best group, which is the most numerous? if I wanted to be part of one of them which you recommended to me and why?Thank you

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Travelsky looks decent, and IFES has a good setup running, but it’s not really a VA. I’m in DJet, we do private jets, but at the moment we’re quiet as we’re quite new.


And TravelSky?

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I think there is a bunch of great virtual airlines out there. There is nothing like “the best” airline, everyone offers different features and you have to pick one that suits you best.
As a leadership member I of course represent TravelSky, we’re a small but constantly growing group of pilots, currently eleven to be exact. The best for you is to simply check out our Website (link in my bio) because I can’t explain and list all the stuff here.
Another recommendation would be IFAO, which is a huge and professional virtual airline, but there’s hardly something going on at the moment.
I don’t have experiences with further airlines, just fight you through the list and find your favorite ;)


We’re a small group, nobody really knows us ;)


Thanks to all!

we are officially recognized as a virtual airline

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Yah we use generic liveries because we can’t add our own livery in the planes, maybe the feature will come in the future, we have set all our liveries and we are ready for the VA tool when FDS will put it in the game…

We aren’t the only one VA to use generic liveries, White Wings is a GA airline also.

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@AmericanAirlines is also a good one

Qantas brags that they are on their website… Otherwise I don’t know

Please explain in further details, that doesn’t make sense.

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I would vote for Qantas Virtual too. Have a look at their website and see what you think.


I would recommend Qantas and American ;)


You say on your website that you are the best VA on infinite flight

i personally think @air.expressjet is a class airline fot Infinite flight

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Nothing like good self promotion!

Incidentally Qantas Virtual also run JetStar schedules.