Best V/S for takeoff

I normally ascend at about 1500 - 1800 v/s.

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Rotate and pitch for airspeed (vs will depend on weight) after a couple thousand feet throttle back a touch and pitch forward to accelerate to 250kts

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I normally do 3500…

Hey! Real pilot here :D

In real life, we don’t use VS but rather a pitch. We takeoff and aim to maintain 15 degrees pitch up to maintain V2+10 until acceleration. In IF, most planes will still accelerate even with 15 degrees of pitch.

We fly speed (V2 + 10 knots) until acceleration speed, then we fly 250kts with a constant thrust setting, adjusting pitch to maintain speed. We do have an autopilot mode that maintains a speed instead of the autothrust doing it. IF could maybe implement this? :)

I found that 3000 to 5000 gives a normal climb compared to IRL.

Hope it helps!


Do you mean like an IAS mode? That would be much better than this autothrust that we have now.

I believe most pilots use degrees instead of VS, I usually smoothly pull up to 15 degrees until 3000 AGL then pitch for my climb speed.

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I usually go 1500-3000 initial with 86% N1

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Yes, a IAS mode.

Also known as FL CH on Boeing. OPEN CLB on Airbus.


You’re quite welcome @Matevz_Treven anytime you need aircraft type technical help feel free to tag me or DM me!

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This… So much this. At virtualBlue, we try to do that in the A32X series with reduced (88-96% N1) takeoffs and then further reduction at acceleration height (1000-1500’ generally)

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I rotate at 160 knots, climb to 1500 at 2000 then I push it to 3000 till around 6K then I reduce

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I’m actually gonna do a stream here and focus on the takeoff and climb-it will be an A320. Anyone that wants the link feel free to DM me.

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I do my departures at a climb of around 2500 positive and stay at a speed of around 220 Knots and then accelerate when I get to around 5-10K feet.

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for F-14 is 10000 fpm and follow up with an efficient acceleration to cruise.

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Thank you so much sir! I hope i will be pilot one day too😃

Copy that! 😊

Flying cargo jets I don’t have to worry about passenger comfort 😛 I usually climb anywhere between 2000-4000 ft/min. Sometimes the TOC waypoint requires a higher VS rate…IFA has had me climbing almost 5000 before.

I’ve also noticed cargo aircraft in real life takeoff at pretty steep angles.

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Some cargo flight are without any payload so they are extremely light. It’s common for cargo planes to fly empty on some sectors.


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