Best US Mileage System

Depending on how much @jdag2004 flies, I would recommend the United card because it gives him free checked bags on United and priority boarding, as well as 2 United Club passes a year. Any miles earned on credit cards can’t be used for status. So if he doesn’t fly a lot that card would give him decent perks as well as earning redeemable miles.


I’m planning on flying a lot when in the States, and coming back to SA too.

What I’m looking for is basically a mile system where you get upgraded with miles, like Emirates for example.

@The_OP Yeah, I’m willing to have a few to get the benefits, I’ll research the Venture card abit, but if you have any other sugsstions for cards please say!

you may want to check out this guy

he has a lot of good advice on cards and what not. I cant remember if this is the guy or not, but theres a points guy out there that has something like 40 cards… all he does is play the points game. But, they also teach you how to best use the cards, one video goes into how to only spend like $600-800 bucks hoping around the country to build miles up for like a week and then using those points to fly first class round trip to somewhere in the world.

Keeping up with the ones i have is hard enough on when to use and so forth, but once you get your system dowm, it gets pretty easy to do. Just remember NOT to spend more than your monthly income!


That guy is Lucky for Onemileatatime. :)

I’ll check him out for sure.

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Just want to point out that Delta does offer flights to South Africa. They operate the ATL-JNB route.

I started out with Southwest but if you are an international traveller you really become limited with using those miles (also not much on upgrade options available). I switched to Delta with AMEX for that specific reason. They have a really good intro deal of 50000 free miles once you have spent $2000 the first month and they match you mile for dollar. So if you use your AMEX card that is specific to Delta on purchasing a Delta flight you can essentially boost your mileage.

The Points Guy is amazing. Even talks about the Pizza Hut rewards program! lol!


Personally I think you should choose SAS if you don’t mind a stopover. For these reasons

  • You can use United miles with them.
  • They have good IFE & free meals.
  • The seat pitch is more that most carriers (its 32-33).
  • They fly A340s
  • They always give you a full can of soda.
  • They’ve never dragged someone off a plane
  • The F/As are quite friendly.
    This has been brought to you by someone who has flown SAS & likes them.
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I could be wrong but I don’t think SAS flies to South Africa.

I’ve flown SAS myself and its a good airline, though if @jdag2004 flies United with status he gets free upgrades to Economy Plus, which is more legroom then SAS economy.

The plane dragging argument is irrelevant .

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A lot of stuff you listed isn’t very needed in the question, and they don’t fly to South Africa, plus they don’t operate domestic in America. But you’ve persuaded me to try to try out SAS when I can. 😂

Btw, SAA gives you two cans of soda!

Let alone It’s pretty easy to move up a level with 4/5 long haul flights with SAS

If I fly JNB-SFO twice I get silver with Emirates… But back on topic…

It also really helps to view this guide by The Points Guy:

I would go with Delta, as they have treated me very well the past several years and they have many partners that can also fly to South Africa (although they do require stopovers). Such as KLM, Air France, Virgin Atlantic, Kenya Airways, etc. or if you wish to go the pacific route, Virgin Australia, China Airlines, Korean Air, etc.

There really aren’t many nonstop destinations out of SFO with Delta. That’s like living in Atlanta but only flying American.

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Delta. I am a Flying Blue Platinum (KLM), and they have many partners to use your miles on too.

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