Best United 737-700 routes in the free region

Hello there I will not renue my membership when it ends on the 22nd of this month and I was wondering if someone knew a route that’s lasts around 1hour and 20mins in the free region that I can do in a United 737-700 THANKS

I don’t care if they don’t do it IRL i just want a long flight lol

That’s a very specific flight duration.

None of the airports in the regions really offer a direct routing of this length. You’d have to fly an indirect route like Honolulu to Hilo (fly south over the ocean, turn east, then head back up north). You can make any flight long if you just do zig zags around the regions too. Thank goodness for LNAV.


So like a circle?

Circle, square, zig zags, what have you. You get it. :)

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KORD-KATW. Flight is one hour and operated by regionals, but tbh most of United’s 737-700 routes are too long to fit in the space of a region.


Thanks for your help everyone Much Appreciated!

I’m not 100% sure that both the Oshkosh and Chicago areas are available as free still, I am just guessing since they were both regions prior to global.

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I will check right now

It is thank you!

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