Best times to starts your flights (tutorial)

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Ever wondered “When is the best time for a long haul?”

Here is it!

  1. Overnight flights
    Summary: before you go to sleep, you set up your flight and you go to sleep, and wake up in the morning at your TOD

Pros: You sleep during the boring cruse time
Cons: You can over sleep and over shoot your airport

  1. Morning flights
    Summary: you wake up early and set your flight and go about your day, and you land at TOD
    Pros: you pretty much never overshoot your airport

Cons: you can not use your phone all day long
Cons: you need a time where you need to go back home to land

  1. School
    Summary: before school starts, you set up your flight, and then you go to school, then when you get home, you land

Pro: none
Con: none

That are all the ways that I can think of!
Have a great day!

What if your teacher is a jerk and doesn’t dismiss the class on time and you overshoot your airport 😂