Best times to record for infinite flight movie

Hello, I love making infinite flight movies, I want to film a long haul flight, but it will take up SO many GB, any tips? When are the best times to record?

Kind of want my vids to look like Pocket Rishi

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Turn the graphics on low and then it won’t take up space, but the quality might be compromised…

If I were you to avoid space I’d cut it into separate parts (the really important parts) and put them all together.


So, record during these times, takeoff,clone,a few hours of cruise,approach,landing Good?

For example what I would do is takeoff and climb and then film a bit of cruise and film some cool scenery your flying over or cities and stuff or the highlights of the flight. Once you enter the ocean just film a small portion saying entering [insert ocean here] and film a part of you exiting the ocean and film approach and landing. It’s always up to you as well. :)

I just record short clips and put them al together in a beautiful masterpiece. Altogether, they shouldn’t take too much, but to save space, if you edit them on your computer, you could send them to your computer and then delete them from your iPad or wherever you recorded them.

I use old app named DU Recorder (that I can’t find on google play now) and 5 hours of 7mbps video (12 is maximum there) takes me about 2 gb. I record time lapses with 15 fps setting and good graphics.

But the size of video depends on codec and different recorders use different codecs.

Hello! I make Infinite Flight movies on YouTube as well! I usually record in replay mode and then bring those screen recordings into iMovie. Usually it takes up a total of 2 GB on my phone before I publish it on YouTube. However, once it is done uploading I delete the videos and recordings from my phone so all of the storage is free! Hope this helped!

Putting it into a google drive and delete it from the actual photo stream would help!

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