Best times for ATC controlling(Poll included)


Just as a question, I wanted to know what times would be convenient for Infinite Flight users to join ATC sessions especially with many training to be IFATCs.

I’ll keep this poll open as the findings may change with time.

This is more of a general question to assist all users with ATC tracking threads.

  • 0000-0300Z
  • 0300-0600Z
  • 0600-0900Z
  • 0900-1200Z
  • 1200-1500Z
  • 1500-1800Z
  • 1800-2100Z
  • 2100-2359Z

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Thanks for your vote. Hopefully I won’t be the only beneficiary of this.

Any suggestions of specific hours are encouraged.



I’m from the Philippines, which is 8 hours ahead of ZULU time. 0000 ZULU would be 8am for me, which is when I usually wake up.

There are usually open ATC threads covering most of not all time zones ;)

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I personally thin 1500-1800Z is better

I find that the time that I get most people is definitely after all three time zones in the US, have finished school. The best time though is always on weekends, the thing I do feel about people coming to ATC tracking threads is that lots of people don’t really like flying in the morning, I think it’s better to open later in the day when school and work is over and people can sit down and have a bit of fun and help others out on Infinite Flight.

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I controller noon to late evening (depending on life schedule) but it can vary

I think it is 1800-2100Z. People in the US are waking up, and people in europe are about to go to bed

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