Best TBM/Citation routes?

I wanted to use the TBM and Cessna Citation as I don’t commonly use them, I’m looking for short hauls that last from 30-50 minutes. Thanks!

Ps: Obviously would prefer good scenery! 😉

Lots of love! 🧡💙

This thread may have what your looking for. If I were you, I’d use and use their random flight generator to find a cool route. You can insert specific flight time you want for that random generated flight as well.

Thank you!

Lots of love!

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If you go to this site:

Enter a starting airport into the “origin” field, then enter an “L/H/TEC” into the the route type box. If you chose L or TEC routes, it will show low altitude routes that are shorter and fit a TBM flight. H routes will give you high altitude and longer flights more fitting for a citation.

Of course, you can fill in the fields to narrow down your search. These are real routes in the United States that are completely planned out, minimizing any preflight work.

In terms of scenery, coastal TEC routes are my favorite. I recommend using a coastal TEC route like BOS-ACK/MVY or PVD-BDR. I hope you get some good use out of this tool!

You’d find a lot in this topic (and the comments)

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