Best takeoff speed for 777-300er?

Hi everyone, I have seen posts on the best takeoff speed for 737"s and other planes but I haven’t yet seen one on what the best takeoff speed for the 777-300er is.

Probably 150kts+ depending on the weight. If you’re heavy, you may want to go 10-20kts higher

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Ok, thanks

You can also use a V speed calculator to find what speed to rotate at as well. I know there are multiple sites and some apps that you can use for this.

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Use IF assistant. It automatically calculates V1, V2 and Vr speeds

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Where can I get an IF assistant? Is it a website or something in infinite flight?

It is an app that you can purchase. It costs to download and you get some basic functions (including the V speed calculator), and then you can buy in-app purchases to unlock more features if you want. Below is the thread for it:

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Thank you!

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