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I am planning to buy Ipad 9th generation suggest me is it good for infinite flight .can I get a good and smooth FPS performance and Good battery backup for ipad 9th generation


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for the best compatible device for Infinite flight can be found here

here’s the post

iPad Pro 9.7 - 2016
iPad 9.7 - 2017
in this post

The 9th gen is what I have. I keep graphics on high and airplane count very high and have never had it crash. The only thing I noticed is if there are a lot of planes at the airport(30-40+) it gets warm, but not hot, and not as warm as my iPhone. It also could have been my brightness. The battery can last all day depending on screen brightness and graphics settings although I normally just keep it plugged in. I also haven’t tried anti-aliasing or 60FPS but I think for the price you can’t really go wrong.

Good choice but the processor a bit old. I suggest Air4 or mini6 if you are comfortable with size. I have mini 6 with A15 bionic and the size is perfect for gaming.

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Same with me 100% but I have an 8th gen. Apple is the way to go

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Is I pad mini 6 good does it run 60fps smoothly

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I wouldnt recommend mini, my mum has it and i installed IF to see how it runs and it can run 60 FPS but only for around max one and a half hours

Please refer to the compatibility topic linked above in some of the replies. Thank you!