Best tablet with Android OS.

Can anyone point me to the direction of a good tablet with Android OS?
Customer Service pointed out that Samsung tends to be a “hit or miss” when it comes to reliability and performance.
I fully agree with it, my Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo with Android 4.4.4 only lagged, but my Galaxy S5 with Android 5 had to be factory reset 3 times already, due to a folder mysteriously disappearing after the A321 update, sudden freezes, crashes, and now, the yoke getting stuck in one position for some reason from time to time(no, I didn´t drop my phone, my accelerometer is fine), it happened after buying today (January 26) the A340-600.

After that rant, what I need in that tablet is:

  • 3GB of RAM.

  • A minimum of 16GB of space.

  • Android 5 or 5.1.1.

Thanks to all!


My Nexus 9 hasn’t disappointed me at all yet. Especially for Infinite Flight. Smooth on the highest settings. No issues.


What specs does it have?

Lesson learnt, never buy Samsung. (its horrible with IF mostly)

Make sure any tablet you buy doesn’t have Mali processors


You mean I shouldn´t buy a tablet with a “Made in Mali” tag on it? How bad are they?

No, the ones with a “Mali” processor.


How bad are they? Is the Mali processor inscription found outside of the box or is it written in the links you sent me (can´t find it)?

They make the terrain in IF black, squared with black borders.
It would be stated in the device description (its a GPU) (Graphics Processing Unit)
yes, it is not present in the links I sent.

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I read that those squares only appeared on inferior OS.
Do all of those come with the Mali or just at random?
The GPU info is found on the box?
Sorry for asking so much but I need to be fully informed if don´t wan´t to make a mistake on my next purchase.

Nvidia shield K1. Period.

Could you pass me the specifications please? Does the terrain in IF look with black squares?

Off my head:
Tegra K1 2.2ghz Quad-core Processor
2gb Ram (enough for IF)
Kepler GPU (no lines)
16GB storage with MicroSD expansion
1920x1200 screen

And only £149.99

If you want something with a bit better specs, probably a nexus. This does have the best CPU and GPU IMO.

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If it comes with Android and I can use the IF recorder to 1080p, this will be my next purchase.
Should I know something else about this tablet?

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Yes, it’s 5.0 out of the box but Android 6.0 update is available OTA. You’ll need to get the charger and other optional accessories on their store :)

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And can I record with the IF recorder at 1080p?


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Mostly they cause that…

Were you with the highest settings? It seemed very laggy.

Hows the battery life on the Nexus 9?