Best Tablet/iPad For IF

Hello! I am thinking to get the iPad air 2 for if. I heard that in was fine but just want to double check. Please comment if you know this iPad is good for IF and if you know a mother cheap tablet/iPad that works good with IF.

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I would suggest the iPad Pro. Any kind will do very good on Infinite Flight.


Hello, the Air 2 is just about working perfectly but if able I would suggest the iPad 2018. It costs a bit more but it will run IF for years to come unlike the Air 2 which I suspect will start to struggle more soon with later updates.


Any generation of the iPad Pro would be best. Based on my observations, the 1st generation and the newest generation iPad Pro run identically performance-wise. If you’re willing to make the investment, get the new iPad Pro 11 inch. It makes the previous generation iPads look ancient.


iPad Pro 2018 if you can swing it. iPad Air with strong WiFi can work fine as well. Strong signal is key.


Apple is suspected of ending iOS support to the Air 2 this year with iOS 13 only being compatible on newer devices


Pro’s make no real difference really. For IF I would suggest a cheaper device, considering the OP was looking at a 4 year old iPad I assume he is looking at devices with good value for money aswell.


I have a 2017 iPad 9.7 and mine works fantastic with all settings on high.


If you don’t wanna spend a lot on an iPad the iPad 2017 or 2018 will be perfect. They run IF the same way as a $600 iPad Pro! I have the 2017 one and is such a powerful device.

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Thank You for your advise. I don’t have much money, so I think I will just get the iPad air 2.

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I got mine for $200 in mint condition on Amazon. You can probably find one a cheaper one on amazon or ebay.

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I’ve used an Air 2 (64GB) with IF for over a year (but I just recently upgraded to a standard iPad - 6th gen 32GB). Honestly, I disagree with the Device Compatibility Thread about the Air 2. Contrary to the Thread, it has worked really well, even with maxed-out settings at busy airports.
However, I’m unsure of how long its capabilities will last; the Air 2 is beginning to age, and in a year or two, it might start to run pretty slowly. With this in mind, I’d recommend buying the current iPad model. $330 USD (Apple’s website price) isn’t so bad, and it’ll hold out at least a few years longer than an Air 2, so it’s worth considering.
But if you won’t be able to spend that much on an iPad, the Air 2 shouldn’t give you any problems. At least for the next couple of years…

How much more is the iPad 2018 compared to the Air 2 for you may I ask?

If your going to buy a device then you might as well buy a new one. No point in buying an old device that gets support cut to it and only lasts another year or 2.

I’ll start off here: you definitely want an iPad. Buying an Android tablet for IF is pointless, you’re never gonna get as much performance out of it as you would out of an iPad.

I’ve used the Galaxy S8 for IF, and I was honestly unimpressed. The specs look great on paper, but Samsung Experience coupled with Android’s not-so-great optimization just doesn’t stack up.

As for iPads, your choice depends on what you’ll be using it for. I would go for choosing something either out if the Pro lineup, or the iPad 5th gen (2017) or 6th gen (2018). Wouldn’t recommend anything older.

That being said, if you’re planning on doing a lot of ATC on it, I’d definitely recommend getting either a Pro, or the 2018 6th gen iPad, not the 5th gen, and an Apple Pencil. Personally I have the iPad Pro 10.5 (2017) with the Apple Pencil, and it has to be one of the best purchases I’ve made. Sure, they aren’t cheap, but it’s powerful, and it’ll last. I’ve participated in the Blu Games flyout from RCTP and I haven’t had any noticeable frame rate drop. There were about 70 aircraft on the ground, and I was in a screen recording, with no frame drops.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend an Air2. Here’s a summary table of what I’d recommend depending ding on your requirements:

Needs to be cheap Needs to have decent performance and last
Only Flying 5th gen iPad (2017) 6th gen iPad (2018) or any Pro
With ATC 6th gen iPad (2018) with Apple Pencil iPad Pro (preferably 2017 or 2018) with Apple Pencil
For reference on what I’m talking about - a LifeWire article on the current iPad lineup

If you have any questions, I’ll be really happy to answer them.

– Jakub


Hello guys I am searching for a good Android tablet for IF will work smoothly in high graphics settings also.
I will buy this in India in coming months my budget is around 10K to 15K(₹) …I have searched a few but ram doesn’t seem to be good enough to handle this game …like Lenovo Yoga tab 3 …can you guys me some idea?

How much is that in USD?

Approximately 140-210($)

I use an iPad Pro and it works very well

Hi there,

I am currently using the iPad. (Just iPad on itself) and am loving it! I have flew flights around 20 hours or even more and yet the iPad is only a bit warm! The iPad Air 2 should work but I am not 100% sure. But at the same time if you do plan to purchase it I would not suggest doing so. As it may work now but once IF gets more updates, more detail and features the iPad Air 2 may not handle it as well.

Though this is only my opinion, hope this helps!

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