Best Tablet for IF


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Don’t understand why people link loads of posts. The main differences are really if you like android or ios. If you prefer ios the ipad pro is the best you can get for android the samsung tab s4 is best currently on the market.

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Thank you very much


Hi. I would suggest an iPad. The only difference for you is you would need to pay for the sim again on iOS. You won’t need to pay for a new subscription though as this is universal across operating systems.


iPad Pro runs really smooth in Infinite Flight! 👌

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You can find some good info here, whether you want an android or iOS tablet: Device Compatibility Thread- Built By Us For You!


IPad is such a good device for infinite flight I Love it

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I recommend the Ipad 2017. I use it and in the months I’ve played Infinite Flight, there have been no crashes, issues, or overheating incidents.

All in all, the Ipad is more or less the best device for Infinite Flight.

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He s literally asking for an Android tablet

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Oh my bad. 😅

But still…

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I’ll be straight up with you

iPad 6th Gen 2018.

£319 for the starter one and runs max settings with minimal lag.

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no, the subscription is cross platform


Maybe it’s time to iPad it up, I only suggested Andriod because I though you would have to pay for 2 subscriptions


Yep certainly a great option and a better investment given iPads easily last upwards of 4 years unlike a lot of android devices. Plus the iPad 2018 is a very good option for the price, max settings and it’s just over £300.


IMO iPads too, i like android for other stuffs but not for gaming. If you want device goes on min 2yrs without lags on any future update, pick IPad, good gaming tablet.


I recommended using the iPad Air 3!


I have the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. Runs great.

I also have the iPad Pro. Runs great as well.

You may have to repurchase the app from each play store. I think the subscription doesn’t change. As I have the same one for iOS and Android.


I have an iPad Pro 9.7 inch that I bought used from eBay. Works great with the best settings. Especially on IF, PUBG, and even Aerofly FS 2019 with the new cockpit update that allows you to use all switches. In my opinion, this iPad may be the best option if you want to play multiple games on the best settings!


It’s almost as if nobody is listening to you when you say you want an Android tablet. What is it with you people? If the OP wants an Android tablet, respect his wishes and recommend one! I don’t come up to someone wanting an iPad and suggest they get an Android tablet!

If you’re looking for raw performance, there are a few tablets that will suit your needs. Depending on budget of course.

My personal recommendation would be a Google Pixel C. Myself and Chris S own one, and I can vouch for its performance. Dedicated graphics in a tablet really do make a difference.

The Samsung Galaxy tab at is also a strong performer. Bit expensive, but you get one of the best screens in the business with new hardware. Samsung’s version of Android has just been updated also and looks better than ever!

Huawei MediaPad 5 is a cheaper alternative that should still run IF really well. You get a big screen and amazing audio quality also.

There are a couple of less powerful ones too, should be listed on my device thread 😛


Relax. Slow down.

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