Best Tablet (for IF) For Under £50 (British Sterling)

Anyone got any ideas?


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Shut up Leigh! Using an iPad Air at the moment, but there isn’t enough room so I may have to delete it.

No chance on this. Ya can’t even get a descent phone for this despite a tablet for IF

There are a couple of Acer tablets.

Maybe this will help:

I’d say just don’t set expectations extremely high, although you can get some pretty good 2-3 year old tablets for that price that will be just fine. The 2013 nexus 7 is almost down to that price. I was using that up until I bought a nexus 9 last week.

For 50 squid the best tablet you can get will quite frankly be terrible.

I reckon I’ll have a look for them.

@B767fan Amazon Fire tablet.

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