Best tablet device for a smooth flying experience

Think of that feeling when you are about to Finnish a long flight, lined up to the runway, approche is stable while “crabbing” due to crosswind. There are some live users holding short at the runway and are waiting for you to land. Of course you have to impresse those pilot’s with your mad flying skills you have gotten and grease that plane on the runway during touch down like it’s your own baby you are laying down to bed and then decrab with you nose wheel up just like a pro. But what it’s actually happends is during finall when your tablet are about to render the airplanes and airport, it’s start to lag so intense that you end up landing like it’s was a pilot with severe down syndrome instead looking like crap so you get so embarrassed that you instantly need to logout and throw the tablet in the thrashes and hope no one remember that retarded user trying to land! :)

However, as Topic

What is the best tablet device for running IF - LIVE with decent grapich setting and no lag when operating at a larger or a traffic dense airport?

I’m currently using a Samsung SM-P605 Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE (2014 Edition), 10.1 inch MultiTouch, Krait 400 2.3GHz Quad Core, 3GB RAM, 16GB flash and by the specs I think it should be good enough, however I have major problems when it comes to flying at bigger airport (i think issue is of all taxi lines that has to be rendered) or if it is quiet dense with traffic (6 planes or more). I’m currently now have low in all grapich settings and medium plane count but still have poor performance.

So any recommendations?


My iPad Air 2 works significantly well! No lag at all at big or small airports


It’s an option but would rather use android to avoid loosing my exiting account! (I assume that it’s not possible to merge between Google play and Appstore)

But thanks for the input

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I’ve been using an IPadAir for the last year or more, Sweet. I used a 2 when I first started IF back in the day. Never had a problem with either except for memory issues if you don’t clean up the background runners and refresh daily.
Mad Max Sends


I have NEVER experienced any lag with my iPad Air 2. Even with all graphics on high and anti-aliasing on. I know it’s expensive though. A regular iPad air should work just fine too. I have no experience with anything not Apple.


Might want to tone down your language…

I personally prefer and recommend iPad Air and especially the Air 2 . I see all the tech support requests or reports of problems and iPad Air, Air2 have the fewest by a wide margin. What few problems that do come up are nearly always operator error and easily resolved with minimal effort.
This is just my personal opinion based on my experience and observations.
By all means research the technology available in your price range and choose whatever seems to be best for your needs. Pick your device and get up in the virtual skies. :)


Works great on my nexus 7.

Lag is more related to your internet connection than device (presuming your device isn’t 5+ years old or a low end $50 Chinese knockoff). When I get lag I just decrease the ‘number of visible planes’ live setting and it helps dramatically.

Watch your language

I say a person get babned for that before

The Nvidia Shield Tablet is a true powerhouse, and runs IF nicely. Might be an updated version coming soon which would be worth sticking around for.
This tablet is designed for gaming, with support for streaming, etc.

If you want to go pure Google, then look no further than the Nexus 9. This one is also really powerful and a bit cheaper I believe :)


I like the ipad air anything that is big device thats not on a phone

I use an iPad Air currently, and I have only had one incident where the game crashed, but that was due to a very busy day at KLAX. Everything maxed out minus anti-aliasing.

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Ok, thanks all for the input. Looks like the Ipad is the way to go for the next one. Price is not an issue as long it’s lag free guarantee. :)

I Apologise for the “strong” context in my topic and hope noe one got offended or have any sleepless nights due to that!


I use a two years old iPad 4.
Sometimes a little laggy at big airports…


Pick the newest tablet and that should work. So the iPad Air 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab ?

Long live the DC-9!

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I’ll back up what @carmalonso said. The Shield tablet is a bit of a beast. It performs about the same as an iPad Air 2 and the updated version (rumoured for release in August) will be even better. If you want a flagship android device this is the one to go for.


You said it,lolI’ve got a Samsung s4,no problem with this’s tuff to get the backend down tho.

My iPad Air 1 never lags.

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