Best Swiss or Alps destinations?

Hello all, as someone who lives in Alaska and loves flying in the southeast as the rest of the state is flat due to terrain complications, I love flying to Zurich out of EGLL. What are the best airports to fly into commercially with mountainous terrain but suitable airports for regional or small narrow body aircraft. In the first aerofly there were awesome places to fly into but I’m not experienced with real world traffic in the area. Thanks!

Fly from LOWW to LOWI, incredible approach!
You can fly to LSGS (sion) or maybe Salzburg (LOWS) these all have beautiful mountainous approaches with nice scenery.

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Is actually Geneva, it does have a very good approach and amazing scenery around it!


Meant LSGS, corrected thanks 👍


I really like flying into Milan (LIMC), as you fly over the Alps while approaching from the north. I’ve flown into this airport IRL a few times and enjoy the approach every time.


LSZS / Samedan is a pretty nice airport too, located in a valley surrounded by mountains. Challenging as well!


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Lugano LSZA is also pretty nice. You approach from the south over a lake and turn visually on a quite short final approach, all surrounded by a very nice mountain scenery.


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