Best Substitute for P8 and E-7?

Hi all,

Looking to do some P8 and E-7 ops… would they generic 737-700 be the best option to substitute or is there a better aircraft?

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Hi @LordZakCreaser

In IFAEGAF - EAF we utilise a Generic 737-800 to roleplay P8 operations as this is the airframe the Poseidon was developed from.
It takes a bit of imagination but it’s definitely doable.
E-7 would be the same but we (currently) don’t roleplay this capability.


Just to add, the E-7 would be based on the 737-700 as that is what is utilised IRL

A generic Boeing 737-800 would probably work best for a “P-8 Poseidon”

Yes sorry the E-7 is closest to the -700 variant, I was mistaken

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