Best Study Tools For Ground School

Hey guys. I started Sporty’s online ground school when I joined Young Eagles the other day. I have trouble studying and taking notes, mostley a focus issue because of all the distractions. I was wondering if anyone had any tips for studying by my self for my ground school and for the Written exam?


Personally, I found it best to get myself in an environment without distractions and go through a Gleim book or similar online quiz repeatedly until I could consistently get an 80% on the practice exams. While the ground school may seem uninteresting, it contains some of the best information for you to learn. Turning your phone off and dedicating a few hours every day to studying will prove to be the best way to pass your knowledge exams. Hope that helps :)


Ryan really hit the nail on the head with this point, and considering I’ve been studying quite rigorously for the upcoming SAT exam, you have to set limits and be strict with yourself. While you’re studying, put your phone and other electronic devices in another room. If you need something such as soft music or even a glass of water, only have that next to you while you study. You have your time to use your phone another time, but while you’re studying, power it off and focus on the task at end with minimal items around you to cause a distraction.

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Ok, will give that a try. Should I take my notes on my computer or on paper? Also which one do you think I would rember my notes easily?

Honestly same as Ryan. Just constantly practicing practice exams until you are satisfied is important. Also understand the concepts. While the main goal is to learn to fly, trying to understand the topics at hand get very interesting.

Some of my best days in flight school with my old instructor before @Ryan (sorta not my instructor) was learning in detail the subjects and past stories from my instructor. Ask questions and you’ll get into it, I promise.

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If you’re easily distracted by electronic devices and are tempted to venture off elsewhere while studying, do it on paper. However, it’s completely your choice in regard to what works better for you, to be honest. Evaluate yourself and find areas that are lacking or need improvement and make changes as you deem necessary.

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Ok, I can’t wait to get in the air!

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My goal is to fly little Cessnas for Cape air or some cargo airline because now the big planes have too much automation and most of the time you use the auto land. But thanks for the tips, I know I will be able to focus on it tm since it will be rainy and crapy weather all day tm.

One of the best resources for the private certificate written exam is Prepware. They have an app for mobile too. It’s paid, but it’s the most comprehensive. They even have a subject-by-subject breakdown of questions for you to study so you can understand stuff well.

If you’re looking for a free resource for practice, there’s also - but that tends to not be updated as regularly with the latest questions.

If you need any extra help, feel free to message me as well! I’m an FAA Advanced Ground Instructor, and I’d be happy to help you with any questions or doubts.

Good luck, and see you in the skies soon!


Thanks for the help!

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