Best starter Plane

It’s my first post here so please excuse any errors.

So, i bought IF today and i’m curious What is the best airplane for noobs like me.

Any help Gladly Appreciated!
Thank you for all the answers!


First of all, welcome to the community!

I would suggest starting out with an easy-to-handle GA aircraft such as the Cessna 172, Cessna 208, Cirrus SR-22, or the TBM-930. However, if you do not have a pro subscription, not all of those aircraft are available.

Welcome to the IFC! Like @HiFlyer said, GA aircraft will be your best bet. I personally liked using the 737-700 as well, when I first started out.

A tip for you is to browse the #tutorials category here in the community. Knowing how to play and what rules to follow will help you tremendously in the long run.

Happy flying!

Airplanes in this game don’t have clickable cockpits, so apart from the GUI buttons it’s pretty easy. You can start on smaller or larger aircraft, but just make sure to watch tutorials on YouTube if you’re unsure what some things mean.

There are also some takeoff and landing tutorials for several planes. CRJ9 was easy for me to fly when I began.

Yeah start off on lighter aircraft like General Aviation aircraft. Learn basic mechanics, fly shorter routes at first. Then as you learn to create FPLs, manage your airplane, learn approaches and departures and ground procedures, learn to step climb, use A/P, etc., slowly move up to larger aircraft. Starting on larger aircraft is probably less helpful than moving your way up. Just a tip.

If you have a pro subscription the q400 is a great starter. Easy to land and not insanely fast.

I like the ERJ series, it’s easy to land and maneuver:) you should try it out!

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The best starter plane is the 777-300er or the 747-400

I’d say the CRJ fam. New, small, maneuverable, nice cockpit, wing flex, it’s got all the IF bells and whistles. It’s also extremely grease prone. Those things land as soft as a leaf I tell ya. Great beginner plane. @Kate_Russell amirite

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If you have Pro subscription which give you premium aircraft selections and live feature then the best ones would be some turbo props that are easy to control. After you get the hang of it switch to a MD-80 sized aircraft, then Medium haul aircraft, the Long haul aircraft like the 777, 787, 340, 330. If you don’t have pro or even if you do have pro, C172 is the best one to start with. Then A321, 747-400, by the way, 747s and A380s are pretty easy to land.

Good luck!

Yes that is correct but starting with the CRJ2 because it is easier to land. Fun thing about the CRJ family is if you land the CRJ9 like the CRJ2 you will touchdown very hard. One should work their way up to the CRJ9/1000.

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Welcome to Community!!

For the first time you can try light aircraft like Cessna 208 Caravan, Cessna 172, Dash Q800, Boeing 737 series. Its lil bit my reccomend and see ya in the sky ✈🛩

I second this recommendation. They’re relatively old models but they handle well. Take the 172 out as well really learn about the aircraft as far as speeds (take, climb, landing and flaps) and procedures. You can search google and download a POH for these. What I wouldn’t recommend doing is jumping from plane to plane earlyon because it makes the learning process harder especially when you add ATC into the mix.

Welcome! As others have noted, different aircrafts are available to start with. When I first started, I learnt on the B737-700. Since the release of the CRJs and Q400s, I have been flying them, mostly the CRJ900 and is a bit trickier for sure than other aircrafts but currently my fav thing to fly. Just try aircrafts out and see what you like! Practice makes a difference!

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Hello, again!

If you don’t have pro, use your A321 which has the option to use auto land, see how the system lands the plane and try to learn from it. While your doing that be sure to turn your Auto-throttle on because it disengages when you IAS is above 200knts. See you at FL360 and remember to butter your landings!

As always

C E S S N A no explanation needed

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Best GA starter would be the c172 for sure. Liner side I’d say go with the 737-700. The CRJ2 isn’t the easiest to takeoff or land but it has a up to date model and nice tutorials. Your choice.

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