Best Spotting Photos Thread




Sorry for the bad quality, I didn’t have my camera with me. But I spotted these two beauties at KMCO!

United 737 Max and Jet Blue Red Sox Livery!


I just think this picture of SWA’s “Classic One” livery and of the heart is just fantastic…it would be better if the jetway was not in the picture though…


Looks like the guy is standing in part of the gate, does it not?


It does! I didn’t even realize lol.





Since when were you at LaGarbage Airport?!?!!


I was there last summer. I was born there and moved to Denver when I was around 8-10 years old. Now I visit family there every summer. I actually met @GaplessHiding at LGA there.


I live close to a Boeing factory, and I saw a “factory” 737 800 fly above me.

Not a very big variety of planes come out of that factory… just 737s every day…


Look who I ran into at McCarran!!! Our very own “Hugh the Manatee”! Even the same registered # N238FR


You should see the deer at McCarran, I run into that thing all the time near terminal 2!


A340-500 backtracking on runway 12 (TFFR)


Nice catch! Spotted Hugh on one of my first CVG Spotting trips. Let’s just say my spotting skills at the time were below par. 😂


Stunning Bro! One beautiful Private A340


At Seattle I’m guessing?


Love the retro Southwest!!


That’s not a private A340, that’s Hifly A340-500.


Ayo that’s me

you blocked my shot of an alaska e175 and I’m still salty 😤