Best Spotting Photos Thread


QQ4078 / Brisbane to Sunshine Coast

QF1578 / Sydney to Sunshine Coast

VA1506 / Sunshine Coast to Melbourne

VH-SPJ / Darwin to Sunshine Coast


(November 17 at KCLT’s “Airport Overlook”)

Before photoshop:

After photoshop:



That is some nice work there!




pretty good edited


Those are some shiny fuselages!


Gotta love the Walmart parking lot…

Click each image for the full frame picture.


Golden Hour @ DFW for da win

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Just followed! By the way, what is the registration on the A380, I can’t read the name. Amazing photos!


Mate thats EPIC! I wish I had a Qantas A380 land at my local airport. But i’m dreaming, my local airport can only handle the A321 at most. Nice!


KPDX 11/18/18
An American A321 takes off on 10L. @ET_Mavic We can easily take one.

A Spirit A320 Exits 10R.

An Amazon Prime Air (Owned by Atlas Air) taxis towards the cargo area.

And as the night approaches, and Air Canada Q-400 (New Livery) rotates on 10L.

Sammy the Squirrel dropped by.

#156 not sure if this link works or not (first time posting a picure to the IF community), but 2 Civil Air Patrol C172s sitting on the ramp at Hampton Roads executive aprt. In Hampton Roads, VA. (KPVG) There was a bunch of stuff going on that day, some of it is in the pic.


The link works. (we can see one picture)


And I have an awnser to a question I have no doubt is coming:
What is the Civil Air Patrol?
@racerclc thanks, there is only 1.




Awesome keep it up


Looks like I know where I’m going for spring break! Great photos!


Air Mauritius A350-900 to Mauritius 😍