Best Spotting Photos Thread


Airshow I went to
One of the many shots I got


Beautiful afternoon at my local airport, YSBU, Sunshine Coast


Here are some.



Nice Adelaide Shots bro, love the Qatar A350. Just remember though, 10 photos or less in one post.


Sorry, Relitevely new to IFC 😀


Spotted my ride from KJFK-RKSI. She’s Big and Scary 🤫😂👌🏽


One of my favorite shots of mine!


These three are my favorite! The first two were at Santa Barbara and the third was at Las Vegas!


Ahhhh! Love the Frontier A320neo! Nice👌


Many planes from all over the world in 1 pic. Gatwick airport 23rd August 2018, on my way to Dubai on the Year of Zayed Emirates A380. Sadly no photo of the A380 because of the awkward positioning of the gate at Gatwick ☹


A WestJet 767 under tow to Calgary’s International Terminal!
Boeing 767-300ER
YYC/CYYC Calgary International Airport


I challenge someone to get within 150 feet of an MD-88 risk of slight hearing loss, lol


American 737 MAX 8


Do you work at an airport?


He might. Or like my airport they have gates by the runway where you can watch planes take off. But im not saying he’s doing that he could be working at a airport!


No. This was at a camp. Pm me I’ll tell you the whole thing


F-GRSQ off to CDG


Here are a Few Photos that were taken last year during my Summer Break! Camera used was a Nikon D3500


KPDX 11/11/18

Does this count as a special livery compared to the bottom?

A United A320 Lines Up.
A Sun Country Airlines 738 Begins to take off.

An American Eagle goes around. (You can always go around @Swiss)

And finally, a Spirit A320 Exits the runway.