Best Spotting Photos Thread


More spotting pictures. The first three are from MCO and the last two are from my flight home to TRI from CLT :)


Try (Pun not intended) this on for size!


Both from EGLL

Not sure what code london stanstad got

From my home airport EDDW


I believe London Stansted’s code is EGSS.


Mate that is a SICK shot of the Qantas 789! Such a beautiful livery


When you saw how I made the picture you would laught. I was sitting, aiming at the plane, started to fall on my back and take that picture while I fall down. But yes, It is sich and a pure luckshot

I also like that livery, happy to have Qantas in IF


And I’m sure your happy to have the Qantas 787 land at your airport, I only very rarely see it 😭


My home airport is EDDW, Qantas only fly to EGLL in europe I think (?). I spend some hours at EGLL while I visited London. My mother asked me some weeks before we flew to London: why do you like aviation that much?

Well mum, lets go to EGLL and I tell you why!

I got some pictures from EGLL and teached her a little bit in aviation, the Qantas was only a huge + for the day. I think I dont visit EGLL within the next 3year’s, so no more Qantas for a long time :/



Took from the M25 motorway lol


Norwegian B787-9 (Greta Garbo)

Oslo Airport Gardermoen


Brilliant :) definitely love this one. Thank you :)


I think this departing Delta 757 is my favorite


Found a pretty sweet spotting location when I was on holidays a few weeks ago in Queenstown, NZ :)

Plane Spotting

Bro that’s super cool! I’ll keep a look out for that place when I go to Queenstown next year.


My day at KMKL on November 10th. I got to fly in a cessna 182 in a extended pattern. This was all done by the Memphis 99’s. This is s by far the best day of this year.


Please limit your photos to 10 or less. Thanks!


Oh. Sorry. I didnt know.


I would check these guidelines:


Thanks Bro, great spotting pictures @HadenJohnson 👍👍