Best Spotting Photos Thread


Thank you for the feedback, I’ll check out jetphotos.


Ooh, that Southwesterner looks absolutely fantastic!


Thanks! Right place right time


Copa 737-800 to SXM [TNCM]

Delta A350 at KLAX

United 777 Landing at VHHH

Delta 737-700 Landing at SXM



Jet2 at Edinburgh Airport.
I had to trespass to get this


Can a Moderator please delete @Pilot_urp’s post? Pilot_urp posted my image. The only edit he made was changing the contrast.

This was an AA jet departing runway 36C at KCLT at approximately 10:10 AM EDT on October 27, 2018:

(My) raw, un-photoshopped image named IMG_6116 (JPEG, not RAW/CR2 format):

That image, photoshopped by me (resized to a smaller size):

The aircraft’s registration is N103US.
I shared the image with Pilot_urp on Google Drive earlier today, and apparently he decided to plagiarize…

If you need more proof…
Take a look at some of the (unedited) shots that I took leading up to that A320 departure (JPEG format):

And then IMG_6116 (the picture)

And then one image from after that IMG_6116:

I think it’s fair game to say that my photo was copied by Pilot_urp, so can a mod please delete his post? It’s beginning to upset me… (I’m also planning on using this pic in other places, so Pilot_urp’s post could be a copyright issue.)

I’m sorry to call you out @Pilot_urp, but plagiarism is no joke.


I thought I deleted the post a while ago :facepalm:
Eh it’s deleted 100% now
Sry for being 🗑

I edited a whole lot more than just Contrast btw, and no a mod doesn’t really need to get rid of it as it will go poof! In 24hrs


Just don’t do it again bro, only do it with permission from the photographer next time, thanks bro 🤙


Got three Austrian Jets coming tonight
I really wonder what’s up


Haven’t posted anything on here in a while. Which one is your favorite?

I try to post daily on Instagram, so be sure to follow that for more pics!


They are all very nice! If I were to choose one, it would be pic #2


Gotta go 1. It looks great! But so do all of the others!


The third shot! Do you know what type of plane that is by chance?


That is a Globe/Temco Swift. The plane is 72 years old.


Delta A319- N336NB


FrenchWest 541



I have a bunch I like, but this one here is by far my favorite:


Wow mate that is sick! Love the cones behind!


Hi I just now saw this :) thank you so much. I do love it :)