Best Spotting Photos Thread


Back at it again. I edit it up a bit. Tell me what you think.


My two favourite photos from my recent trip to the Mach Loop:

In both photos the aircraft is a BAe Hawk T.2. These aircraft are based at RAF Valley (EGOV) near Holyhead, North Wales.

I took more photos as well, which you can find here:


My best shot from Orly


Delta Airbus A319


VH-ZNA at Melbourne

(Click for Full Pic and HD)


Edited it up a bit.


Here are more shots from KPDX!

The Alaska Sub Pop Livery Exits Runway 28L

A Q-400 with Horizon in the Cougars Livery (My State’s college sports team) taxis to parking.

An Icelandair 757 rotates.

A Navy C-40 Taxis for Takeoff on Runway 10L.


I don’t have the quality camera or editing skills that some guys in this thread have, but I’ll post some anyways.


Buddy, let me put it out that those are some of the best pictures I have ever seen.


yeah these are pretty darn good, especially your perspective


@Mattheus @maeyo
Thanks guys, means a lot


This just in, Etihad A380 approaching KJFK (where else?)


These photos are just incredible. The angles of the aircraft, everything just sums up the incredible quality of these shots.

Just a suggestion, you should make a JetPhotos account


Thanks! I appreciate it. And haha thanks for the suggestion but I don’t think any of my photos that I’ve ever taken would get rejected for any less than 3 reasons, they’re harsh screeners.


Both from San Jose, CA


@BigBert10 would be proud of you :)
Nice shots!


And just like that…I’m here XD

Great shots @WoofWest! :D

You should really send both the Delta photo and the Southwest photo to to see if they would accept it. The Delta was really pretty! I also like the shine on Southwest! :D


IDK about that… Jetphotos meticulously goes through each and every photo, they need to be absolutely perfect in every fashion in order to be accepted. Very nice shots though @WoofWest!


I think they are perfect in every fashion, lighting, clearness, registration, AIRPORT

You never know unless you try…

JUST DO IT! @WoofWest XD


Edit: removed the Gulfstream and added Tripple 7