Best Spotting Photos Thread


Wow everyone thanks for posting your great spotting photos here! I have some to share but will post them later. Thanks again for the epic photos!


It’s nothing compared to the stuff here, but I like it



One EPIC flyover!!! Taken in 2012 while flying over the Jet Propulsion Labratory (JPL).


Air Canada A320!

Where do you think this is?

  • KLGA
  • KJFK
  • KEWR

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Well the picture looks like Laguardia and LGA is the only place that AC flies the A320, so this is kind of easy…


2 foto’s from EHAM / AMS Amsterdam Schiphol Airport


I edited your picture @Wombat82. What do you think?


@Dylan_M What do you think?


These aren’t great compared with other’s in this thread.


Not too shabby! I was using a 400mm lenses but without a tripod and it was so difficult to get a good pic that wasn’t grainy - especially when at full zoom.


Do a bit of cropping Nick. I think getting a closer view would be able to get the details of all of the aircraft.


Will do in the future! Thanks for your advice.


Air Canada New Livery Airbus A321

Air Canada Old Livery Boeing 787


Hey, thanks for editing! It looks a lot better now.


You just reminded me that DAL flies the A350 to AMS, thanks lol


Does spotting from inside an airplane count ;) Early morning KDTW tends to look something like this…


Wow that’s a lot of 717’s, great quick shot bro🤙


Those are actually Mad Dogs.


I took this photo pushing back in a Delta Crj-900LR, saw this lineup and knew I had to take a shot of them.


The one in the front sure does look like a 717, and I don’t think Delta flies many mad- dogs to KDTW, but I could be wrong.