Best Spotting Photos Thread


Wow awesome photos people! Thanks for posting them here!


Late to the party, but I can still contribute!
LOT 787 pulling a marmalade

The Russians coming to visit

Hi-Fly A330 lifting off


Party is always going here mate 😂. Nice shots!


My best photo from the Scottish International Airshow last week:



This was one of my favorite planes I spotted while I was in MCO. Actually my plane home :)


You can get some good stuff at KPDX too. I shot this puppy.



@TRIavgeekMandy I edited your photo a bit. I hope you like it.


A few of mine.


Hey @George_Anastasis, your photos are very nice, but please limit your amount of photos to just a couple (not more than 5-10). Thanks!


yer i know. i was having an issue so at the end i decided to send them all lol


it’s not the only one of my best shots, but from home it’s the best I ever get so far
744 (747-400) of Corsair Intl. flying low for visual approach


@Luke_Sta I edited it a bit for you. What do you think?


Woah. Is he on final with no gear down? He seems low to have no gear.


Maybe a ton of zoom? Who knows…


no, they were overflying the eastern part of the island before entering on downwind.

that’s how I can get some good shot from home ( If the weather is good)



Wow! Now that is a very nice photo. I also love the airline. 😍