Best Spotting Photos Thread


My Fav Shot


Alaskan freight



Saw this one flying from my window seat over SFO.

High altitude spotting to a whole new level LOL



I saw the same plane at Seatac, post 167!
Really cool :)


29000 came and visited us in Houston yesterday, to pick up George H. W. Bush’s casket and deliver it to Washington.

This, in my opinion, the most beautiful plane there is.


Nice picture! :D

RIP President George H.W. Bush

In my opinion, I think President Trump was generous to lend over his Air Force One to commemorate President George H.W. Bush.


Mt. Rainier, control tower, Alaskan airlines Boeing plane, and you get a wonderful SeaTac cliché!


Pc-12 Air to air


cough cough JetPhotos cough cough


At Seattle or Anchorage?


All taken on my phone


Seattle Tacoma int’l


I believe it was a Gulfstream on short final to 33L into KBOS on 3/24/13 which happened to be my first Bravo Airspace clearance after my getting my SEL ticket.

taken from a C-172M


Reeeeeeeeally short final Rwy 34 at KPSM


thats not your photo


Thanks mate, i’ll message him and sort it out


Hevilift ATR-42