Best Spotting Photos Thread


My glorious head is much better than an E175.


A rare 787 flight from Dallas to Vegas that I’ve never ever ever seen


American 737-800

Reg: N949NN


That lighting is amazing!


I like the condensation on the 737!


Two pictures that I didn’t know I had:

(From KPVD Winslow Park.)


Two pictures?
It’s great, anyway…


That’s better!


They’re both nice!


If they are awful, why are you posting them on the “Best Spotting Photos Thread”? This topic is for good pictures, not bad quality pictures like that. A random picture taken from a backyard, probably won’t be good quality, and doesn’t deserve to be posted here. I think the overall quality of this topic needs to be improved. Best photos does not mean bad quality photos.


Thanks bro. I would love to edit the first topic post just to make it look more professional but I’ve left it too late. Can’t edit it now.

@Pinecone They are beautiful planes but yeah, if you don’t think they are good, no need to post them. Thanks for your understanding bro 🤙


My new favorite, what’s your opinion on it?


Over the cockpit shot!


Love that you got all the houses and hill behind. I can’t remember is that from Singapore or Canberra?


One of my favourites


Graciously French


Cool shot when I was in New Orleans


An this one in Austin


Thanks! That’s actually from Wellington, the flights final destination! It now flies via Melbourne instead of Canberra as there wasn’t enough demand for that route!


My sister sent me this after her trip to Seattle