Best Spotting Photos Thread

Hello Community!

There are so many spotting threads for different airports in this community, but this is where you can put your best spotting photos from any airport in the world to show the Community of Infinite Flight. This also saves of you from having to making a topic yourself to show your spotting photos.

Here is one of my favourites from my local Airport, YBSU, Sunshine Coast

Thank you for posting your spotting photos and have fun looking at everyone elses!



This defeats the purpose of being able to showcase one’s portfolio no? Things seem to get lost in tracking threads where multiple users deposit their work. I think the concept of a community user meeting the trust level requirements being able to post a topic with a specific title and exclusive content is much more appealing. The ambiance of posting with exclusiveness is much more alluring.


Adding on to what Chris said… Central Topics are best for IF Pictures, IF Videos, and Best IF Routes (unless there would be 2000 topics a minute about that). More and more people are making Tracking Threads… I don’t see why

The goal of those are to reduce clutter on the forum… But in Tracking Threads, they loose attention after about a week or two… People should earn their right by gaining TL2. If they are actual good photos, a mod will move the topic… But other then that, people can just post their own topic for this kind of stuff or if they are below TL2 - They can wait.


I have had this idea for a while, i just thought it would be cool to have a place to put your recent spotting pictures, and i thought it would be convenient for everyone who wants to show them.

Do you think you should close it or let it sit for a while to see what happens, up to you…

Your the boss boss and i won’t argue

It seems to me that that place already exists, it’s the #real-world-aviation:spotting category.

About the Spotting Category

While this does help reduce clutter, individual threads provide a platform for individuals to show off their own work, and discuss it in their own space.


Allowing each user to post their own topic is a better fit. Again, when spotting you want to have exclusiveness, manageability and it has to be enchanting. There’s just too many captivating and photogenic shots out there for a compilation of art such as photography. It’s like an injustice in my opinion.


Ok, if you think its best to let the person to make a topic solely to show off there spotting photos, then thats a fine idea, because they want there photos to be seen by everyone, not just scrolled past in a huge topic, with the occasional like.

You can close it Levet, thanks mate!

Good Day!


I’m holding out on closing. We may have a special appearance from someone ;)


I think having a best thread isn’t a horrible idea. There are days where I only have 1 or 2 good shots (because I’m only there for 15-30 minutes waiting on someone’s flight to get in) and I don’t want to make an entire thread for it. Those are my 2 cents.


(Please forgive me if I’m breaking any rule, but I just saw this and I wanted to share something :) ). Here is one of my best spotting photos from CLT Airport. It is Lufthansa’s A330 from Munich. I took this picture in March and it was a surprise spotting moment especially since this picture was taken from where I was sitting in concourse D. Might see this bird again in October :) .


My best spotting photo from 0B7, my home airport.


The AN-124 sits at CYMX…


Spotted this baby inside Incheon airport .


When, I’m in a situation like that, I save those photos for when I get enough photos.

Although this topic can stay. Seems like a reasonable topic.


Another one!


My favs on my I pad
I have way better ones on other devices


George Bush Intercontinental Airport

How could I possibly choose one? These would probably be my favorite so far, all taken at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH). As you can see, I love my Boeing planes! 737’s are #1!


Wow amazing…
I’m so salty right now.🤤🤤🤤🤤


Thanks man! Means a lot to me!