Best Spotting Locations at EGLL outside of airport

I would love if you guys could tell me any good spots.

Myrtle avenue, few minutes walk from Hatton Cross tube station. Very good when arrivals are on 27L (check the heathrow site for the runway alternation schedule).



I hear the thistle hotel bar is good too when on 09L arrivals - but I haven’t been there yet.

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Thanks so much

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27L Arrivals - Myrtle Avenue
27R Arrivals - Roundabout near BA Maintenance on the Perimeter road, Near the Purple Parking on Perimeter Road, Renaissance London Heathrow Hotel area - there is a spotting podium near the Heathrow Academy next door to the Renaissance
09L arrivals - Thistle Hotel Viewing terrace (This is free to access) - also a grass bank by T5
09R Arrivals - these are once in a blue moon. They do not change at 3pm like they do when on 27s

27L departures - esso garage
27R Departures - Thistle Hotel Viewing Terrace
09R Departures - Myrtle Avenue


Could you link me the arrivals runway schedule?

On this page, see the link 2/3 the way down

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Hope this helps!!!


@ATK this link?

This is for Arrivals!

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If its 09’s

09L arrivals and 09R departures all day

The very odd arrival goes 09R, and usually T4 Airlines

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Yes that’s the one.

Also on the road as you walk to the field you are right under the flight path.



Perfect, I am there from the 15-22 and that’s when 27L is used!

Ohhh, you around at 5pm on the 22nd?

27L until 15:00 (3pm) then 27R.

To get to the other locations from Hatton Cross Tube Station… Bus 285 is free from Hatton Cross to the airport, and from the airport to Hatton Cross, so you do not have to pay. This takes you to the Renaissance (Bus Stop Mondial way), the Thistle Hotel and T5

For 27L departures, the 490 bus from Hatton Cross towards T5 and get off at Bus stop Stirling Road, and walk around the perimeter road :)

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I’ll be in Munich then. We leave 6:55 am from LHR - MUN them MUN - BOM

Ahh, never mind! I arrive in at 5pm that day!

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