Best Spotting Location in the US

Sydney is definitely to be recommended as well with airlines such as Malindo Air, Samoa Airways, Air Vanuatu and a bunch of Chinese airlines! There’s some dedicated spotting locations around the airport.

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If you’re ever in New Zealand, be sure to check out Queenstown Airport from The Remarkables mountain range.
Stunning view when I was last there;


Schiphol has many great places to spot, especially the Polderbaan!

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I mean, it just snowed in Newark… but there’s not many places to spot unless you are willing to spot from the smoking deck.

Charlotte gets snow but usually the north side gets the most which the airport isn’t at. Usually snow comes in February. There are really nice locations and movement but variety isn’t there

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If you want snow and a major airport, your best bets are probably
New York (EWR, LGA, JFK)

But with any of those you could just as easily get a day that is 55 and sunny with a very wet ground


I can’t guarantee snow, but a great spot to go is the TWA Hotel at JFK. There is a pool deck that is open for anyone to go and spot, not just hotel guests (if it’s not raining). You can also stay the night there and have a room with an airport view.

Here are some photos I got from there:

If that doesn’t work out, JFK has plenty of spotting locations but they are not very close to the airport.


KORD is awesome for plane spotting. My favorite location is the South Cargo Ramp. If you go anytime from NOV-APR you are guaranteed snow in the Midwestern weather.

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I know it’s been said before but EGE and ASE are actually very good locations especially if you are looking for snow. If you were to go to KEGE, I would make sure you have good shoes and warm clothes especially since the best locations require a little off trail hiking that can get very slippery. But if your up to it (literally) you can get shots such as this.

(I don’t know why the tail of the plane was cut off but you get the idea)
If you are interested, you can PM me and I can hit you with the exact details on how to get to those spots. Important note: neither of these locations are good when it’s actually snowing as the airports typically get closed. It’s best to wait out a storm so that you get that ground snow effect! I hope I was helpful in getting you a good airport.

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Feel like MSP would be a good candidate. Decent traffic and snowy weather.


LAX at the inn-out store! 😋. (Fuel to take photos)

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In addition to what everyone else has said, I’d recommend KSLC.

If you plan on flying through LAX there is a In-n-out burger store with a nice green park directly and the end/beginning of runway 26L (i think that is the runway) either way, this is a great place to be if you have a long layover (4+ hours)

I’d recommend spotting at JFK. If you have a 600+ mm lens, you should spot at the TWA hotel deck. They have a really nice infinity pool (heated) and an ice skating rink if you get want to skate. I believe it is $25 to visit the deck (where you’ll spot of course) on a weekday and $50 on a weekend. The prices are per person. I’d recommend a 600mm lens because if 22L is in use, then you’ll need a pretty good lens. You can reach 22R with a 300mm lens.

MSP, SAN, ATL, SFO, LAS are some airports I know have good spotting locations. You’d have to get a car at most of them however.

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The best spotting location is at Buffalo Niagara International Airport

Chicago O’Hare is sometimes called 747 city due to the large amount 747 traffic there. also if you DM me I can tell you my select spotting location (Legal)

It’s runway 24R :)

As @Cole_Collins mentioned, go to as it gives very detailed locations on every airport listed on the website of exact locations you can spot at. It helped me immensely at KLAX not long ago to find a area that wasn’t the In-N-Out location that is always very crowded.

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I know a spot in Hawaii where you can get 100 feet from the runway. it’s extremely close and just flat out amazing. I had never seen anything like it. never gonna give that spot away tho because no one knows about it