Best Spotting Location in the US

Hey. So, me and my Dad are planning a trip to go planespotting together, but wanted to know where the best places to go were. I tried googling it and most of the results were out of date and i’d figure to ask some real people here. It would be preferably an airport on the east coast, and not too horribly close to Florida— somewhere where we could see snow this time of year. This would be greatly appreciated.
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EDIT: forgot to specify, has to be in the US


Is leaving the country an option?

@Robertine That’s literally his question.

Some ideas of snowy places:

Looking at recent weather maps, really the only half-decent place I see with snow is Eagle, Colorado (KEGE). It’s not very busy, but there’s lots of bizjet action there, but the largest aircraft there is a 757. International places include Montréal (CYUL), Oslo (ENGM), and Toronto (CYYZ).

I do not see too much snow cover around the globe, disregarding the existence of Siberia, the Rockies, the Alps, and far north Europe.


Ummm. Ur kinda not too specific. Try a google search. There are whole sites dedicated to this.

Heathrow, Schipol, Zurich are all great spotting airports as well as JFK and Los Angeles.

If you can go to Canada send it😂 YYZ isn’t that great, all depends on what runway is in use, but New york would be one, maybe Boston if possible

I’m not too familiar with the East Coast weather, but Charlotte seems like a nice place to go that might not have snow. Here is a website that you can search.

And if you decide you want to go to the west coast. LA is perfect at this time! 🤪

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OP wants snow.

How about the Steven F Udvar-Hazy Center Observation tower next to Washington Dulles? It’s fairly decent for plane spotting I think? Huge aviation museum as well with the Concorde.

And it’s set to snow on Tuesday.


No. The glass is blue. If OP is going to go there, they should stand outside.

I was there a week ago ;)


I would definitely recommend EGE or ASE. Great backdrops.


As you may know, east coast snow isn’t always there, so watch the forecasts. Maybe try somewhere like Albany in Upstate New York. Alaska is always snowy too. I love spotting at PANC.

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OP would rather not be in Florida…

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Denver has some good locations. Was up there on New year’s day. Lighting was horrible but still got ok photos

You went when it was overcast tho.

From today at Denver during golden hour

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I, too, spotted a Lufthy A340 during golden hour today.

That’s true. It did clear up though as the morning progressed. I would go during golden hour but I live so far away. The drive from cos to den this time of year sucks.

Go spotting at LAX! I did that a little while back and as long as you have a 500 or so mm lens you can take stunning captures of landing planes on the 25 runways from Imperial Hill. Also, if you have a close range lens, one of the all time most famous spotting locations is right off the final approach path of runway 24R at the In & Out burger. I’ve sorted through a few topics for you and found an excellent example of this from a community member here: Spotting at LAX late August. Good luck deciding on where to spot mate, all the best with your trip!


Hey guys. Thanks for the super quick responses, but I forgot to specify it had to be in the US as I cannot go out of the country at the moment. Sorry about that.

KEGE and KIAD sound like the only choices at the moment. There’s not a lot of snow anywhere but the Rockies. Please do check the weather forecasts of cities to check for snow, though.

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Never been spotting in the U.S, but if you ever come to Australia, I highly recommend YMML. The variation of unique airlines such as Tianjin Airlines and Royal Brunei, as well as heaps of different and easy to access locations, it is a great place to spot, and I highly recommend you come visit if you ever are in Australia.

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